Employee Benefits

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Clear Data Analytics

When it comes to managing healthcare costs, data is king. Actionable data makes all the difference. We help you identify issues and opportunities in the data to drive waste out of your benefits program

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Clear Compliance and ACA Solutions

Understanding the complexities of employee benefits compliance can give you sleepless nights. It’s an ever-changing landscape of legislative starts and stops. As new legislation is released, we will provide timely information on what it means, how it impacts you, and what changes if any need to be made to your benefits program. TCG can take the worry out of compliance.

Clear HR

HR experts are continually asked to do more in their organizations. HR changes are constant and difficult to keep up with. That’s why The Clear Group has designed a suite of HR solutions around our client’s needs. The Clear Group provides tools to minimize burdens on the HR team.

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Clear Wellness

At The Clear Group, we are focused on creating health and wellness programs that are meaningful to both the employee and the employer. A meaningful wellness program should align with the benefits provided by employers and work to address chronic conditions in the employee population.

Clear Technology

The Employee Benefits industry has been impacted by the rapidly evolving world of technology. The Clear Group believes in creating efficiencies, increasing employee satisfaction, and reducing workloads for our clients through technology solutions. The Clear Technology solution contains 3 main components: Benefits Administration, Employee Management (HRIS), and ACA Compliance.

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